“Look at us.” she says as her eyes gaze over to a familiar photograph.

“Which one? This photograph of us on our first date?”

“Look at us.” once again her eyes gazed to the same photograph framed on the wall.

“Look at us smile. I remember that day so well. I remember how I had trouble sleeping the night before. I remember getting up in the morning and raiding through my wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach as I was waiting for the train. I remember how my heart started beating so fast the first time I saw you. I remember how you surprised me when you spontaneously put my hand in yours.

..Do you remember?” she asked as her eyes shift from gazing to the picture and back to him.

She was speaking of beautiful fond memories but yet, there was a kind of distance in her eyes.

“Yeah, I do.” he said.

“So, what happened to us?” she asked.

And with that, the look in her eyes changed pitch black in an instance.

“What happened to all those mornings of waking up with butterflies in our stomach? What happened to unpredictable suprises we used to have? What happened to the sudden ‘I love you’s we shared so randomly while walking down these paved streets?

Time wasn’t supposed to define us. Time wasn’t supposed to change us. We made sure that we wouldn’t be one of those couples that looked back on our past life and thought better.

But in our pursue of the present and future, we lost. We got lost in it. And I wish we hadn’t.

I miss all those unpredictable moments. I miss being adventurous and spontaneous. I want passion. I want life. I want it all out of you.

I want us to keep being us, but to also not lose that passion we can so obviously in this photograph.

Don’t you want that too?” she asked.

He could see her face start to redden up and her eyes start to crystallise.

He didn’t realize it, until she told him. This was probably why she kept giving him the cold shoulder. How could he have expected her to constantly be warm with him when all that passion she talked about was dimming?


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