We were young and wild.

I felt like I had to update my CV today; considering I’ve been working with HP for 4 months now but yet my work experience still only has Emerio on it.

Its taken me about 2 hours now (-those who know me well will without a doubt no why), because I’ve been typing and then deleting, and then typing and then deleting again, and its been going on for the past 2 hours. So I put that on hold because my OCD couldn’t take anymore of all the unlined paragraphs, and I decided to sign up with LinkedIn.

I browsed through Facebook to find if there were any decent (read: professional) pictures of me that I could use for my LinkedIn profile picture and I stumbled upon this picture;


And oh dear God, immediately all these feelings and memories I had kept well hidden for the past year came flowing back to me.

Look at that face.

Look at it.

Such pure joy and happiness.

After all those 4 years I struggled so hard for, to finally have that thick red folder in my hands was a feeling I would never be able to forget.

To be honest, I couldn’t have gotten through those 4 years without these guys;


These guys were the ones I first called family when I got there. All of 5 of us were so far away from family, so naive and so gullible to unknown world that was waiting for us. But even through the heartaches, the heartbreaks, the terror and horror of sitting for 4 exams in one day, we always managed to put everything aside and just enjoy our time when we were out together.

My university days will always have a place in my heart. I’ve come to cherish it more now than I ever have.

Chiba was the place I literally grew up in. I remember getting there and being so naive and gullible to this new world that I had never imagined being in. I remember how scared I was the first time I slept in my new apartment.

Chiba taught me to be independent. It taught me that people aren’t always going to be there for you all the time; despite what the saying says. Sometimes you’ll fall; in my case literally, because I can’t remember how many times I fell off my bicycle. I’m a daddy’s girl so in this case when I hurt myself the first time I fell off my bicycle and I tore my jeans at the knees, I wasn’t able to come crying to Daddy anymore. I had to pick myself up, dust off the dirt on my palms, and keep pushing my bicycle up the hill. It hurt like crazy, and I cried the whole way home. But the feeling I got after that; after getting home, cleaning the fresh clean cuts on my palms and knees, made me so overwhelmed with myself. I had finally done something on my own for once.

And since then, I did everything on my own. I went to the groceries on my own. I picked up broken egg shells on the pavements when again; I fell off my bicycle because the load was making me lose balance, on my own. I went to Nagoya from Shinjuku by bus which was a 6 hour trip to see my friend, on my own. I signed up for tennis classes, a sport I never thought I would like, and learnt that I could be an extrovert according to situations. I made friends with people I never imagined I could get along with. I also learnt that the idea of friendship (same interests, same goals, same dreams) I was so often told about was not really my cup of tea. I learnt to love the differences that were born in friendship.

I have so much to owe to Chiba. It has taught me so much more than I have imagined it could. I miss it more every day, and there are definitely times where I feel like dropping everything to move there.

…But I honestly can’t imagine being far apart from my family and loved ones for the time being. So I guess Chiba has to wait.

I have another world I need to conquer right now.


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