Bitten by the lovebug.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am smitten. I have caught the lovebug. Well, it’s actually stuck with me for the past 3 years, but it still feels like I just jumped on the #happilyinlove bandwagon yesterday. And here’s why;

  1. He remembers everything.

Did I mention everything? He remembers every single detail I have ever said to him amidst me saying it in a time when I was very much young and reckless. He remembers things about my ex-boyfriend more than I do. Which is insane, but he does. And it kills me because he likes to tease me by using them against me, which I secretly love. I won’t lie, there are times I wish I could take back some of the things I had shared with him but then if I did that; where would all our inside jokes be?

2. He knows how to deal with me when I’m hangry

So I have this thing where I get in a really bad mood when I’m hungry. Okay, to be honest, I never had the chance to even hide this from him because well, on our first date, I kind of already showed it to him. We had a late lunch and late lunches mean a very hungry Faten, and it’s pretty much really hard to keep your cool when all you can think about is how you haven’t had food in your system yet. Now after 3 years together, he knows how to deal with the situation so well.

Him: So, where are we eating tonight?

Me: I really don’t care, I’m just really hungry.

Him: Okay, we need to go now.

See what I mean? 🙂

3. He loves doesn’t hate my cooking.

I am not a masterchef. I rarely cook. And when I cook it’s usually most of the time for survival. I learnt how to cook when I was studying abroad, so basically to me, everything home-cooked abroad tastes amazing. But apparently to him, anything home-cooked by me is amazingly good enough for him. And for someone who has a pretty much low self esteem when it comes to cooking, to me, that alone brings joy to my heart.

4. Our endless late night conversations.

Yes. It’s been 3 years, well to be exact since we’ve been friends, it’s been 8 years, so imagine 8 years of late night calls. Yeah, that’s a huge and wide collection of stories and discussions that could pretty much fill up an entirely empty room. Thanks to our experience in mastering the art of long distance relationship, late night calls became the staple of our relationship. That was the time when we would be silly, the time when we would argue over the most littlest things, and also the time when we would be the most open and honest with each other. This is the one thing in our relationship I wouldn’t trade for the entire world. Because through these last night conversations was where we learned that we weren’t just a couple of young kids drunken in love, but that we were also blooming adults so eager and curious to see the world for more than it is, and that we had so much to say about it. To not only be able to speak of things that amused us, but to also be able to engage and discuss about the endless politics of the world with each other; is pretty amazing to me :’)

5. He sees the best in me.

I have my days. Well, don’t we all? Somedays its birds chirping, sun shining, happily skipping kind of day. And sometimes it’s so gloomy, the light of the day couldn’t even pass through it. But even in my darkest days, he manages to see the best in me. Even in my darkest days, he can lift my day up and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. Sometimes it’s those pickup lines he so often jokes around with that manages to make me laugh so hard. Sometimes it’s in the way he says ‘I love you’ in a random text. But most of the time, it’s in the way he looks at me. As if I was the light in his world, because for surely…

if he hasn’t realized it yet; he is and forever will be the light in my world.

Cheers; to my happy happy heart.


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